GMS ALUMNI is a Society of ex-students of Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong. It was registered on 13th October 1998 with Registrar of Society, Delhi.

The membership of the Society comes from ex-students residing in India and abroad.

The Society conducts various activities for the ex-students, School, teachers, staff, students etc. It manages a successful group medical insurance scheme open to all ex-Goethalites and their families and also organises back to school, reunion activities, networking initiatives etc.

Founder's Address

(July 1997)

It is a privilege to address my seniors, batchmates and juniors through the first newsletter of GMS Alumni, New Delhi. Well, to make any organisation vibrant and growing, two very basic elements are must: (a) Committed human resources and, (b) Adequate financial resources. We have abundance of both these basic elements in this newly found organisation. I take this opportunity to thank Sandeep Sharma (1988), Rajesh Mahto (1988), Asit Aggarwal (1994), Sushil Aggarwal (1994), Amit Saraf (1994) and others without whose committed involvement we would not have seen this day. As for the significant push, I thank Br. T.P. Fitzpatrick (ex-Principal of GMS) through whom we got the St. Columba's School as our meeting place. I also thank Mr. Riwo Norbhu (1972)) who collected the sponsorship for our first advertisement in the newspaper.

Friends, this is to remind you that though our school is 90 years old, we still do not have any effective alumni except for a newly founded one here in Delhi. We have formed this alumni to develop friendship and brotherhood amongst all the ex-Goethalites and the school. Further in keeping with the motto of our school 'Omnia Bene Facere", this association will try to promote excellence in all walks of lite that affect us.

For this dream to- come true, we are in the process of getting this association registered on all All-India basis so that at a later stage, it becomes easy for us to set up different chapters all over India. To achieve this overall goal, the Principal of GMS Br. A Pinto has assured me of all the help possible. From now on all outgoing 1.C.S.E. batches will get registered with the Delhi chapter. Another significant development which has taken place is the grant of official permission to members of GMS Alumni, Delhi for lodging in the school premises while in Kurseong on payment of nominal charges for food.

As such, | would like to call on each and every ex-student of Goethals to join hand with us for this noble cause.

Omnia Bene Facere,

Yours truly,
BATCH 1990

President's Address

(June 2023)

My warmest welcome to each of the Goethals Alumni to this refreshed website. This is our own and we must treat it such. It is the place to reach for news of our school, alumni, interaction between the school and alumni etc.

All this can happen very successfully if all of us feed in and keep the news current.

You should feed in details on the members page, subscribe to memberships, and share your experiences with the school and/or alumni .

We hope this will foster the creation of a society which we hope to act as a Centre for promoting fellowship, fraternity, friendship and understanding amongst the alumni . Also to undertake activities for the growth, welfare and prosperity of the school, its staff, employees and students. Finally, to also promote excellence in all walks of life, specifically in fields of education, sports, performing and nonperforming arts amongst students and alumni of our school.

Functional since 2016 our alumni website is now being transformed from static to dynamic with additional features. Going forward this will have the potential to be the largest and current data base of GMS Alumni and Staff. Life members will be able to have independent connections with individual alumni and staff. All members and staff can update in real time their personal details as well as news about the school or the alumni.

We owe Sumit Jhunjhunwala (2001 batch) who contributed to make the website happen together with support and guidance from Deepak Kumar Saraf (1990 batch).

Omnia Bene Facere,

Yours truly,
BATCH 1976

Alumni members at a gathering in Mr. Riwo Norbhu's residence

Interim Governing Body 1997
Designation Name Member's Code Address & Phone
President B.K. Dev Verma (IAS), Director 71/01 Ministry of Food, Krishi Bhawan, N.D.-1 (O) 3385792 (R) 602355 (Fax) 3782213.
Vice President Riwo Norbhu Manager-Passenger Sales 72/01 Air India, Himalaya House, 23, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001. (O) 3311502 (R) 6134944 (Fax) 3316494
Vice President Norbu Tshering ACP Delhi Police 77/01 Operations, North District, Maurice Nagar New Delhi. (O) 2511526 (R) 7133740, 2512201 Ext. 572
Treasurer Deepak Kr. Saraf 90/01 Room 211, Sangam Lodge, A-357, Sangam Vihar, Road No. 2 Mangal Bazar Road, N.D.-62 (R) 6995737
Secretary Kumar Ashish Asst. Manager 86/01 Ceat Financial Services Ltd. 601, Adishwar Aptts, 34 Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-1. (O) 3725981-5 (R) 225941.
Jt. Secretary T.S. Sethi Proprietor 73/01 B-5/6 4257, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi -17. (O) & (R) 6896003, 6134311/7810
Jt. Secretary Vinod Agarwal Sr. Commercial Manager 81/01 Bausch & Laumb (I) Ltd., 22-A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi-110049
Jt. Secretary Kumar Manish Director 82/01 Schultze Health Care Pvt. Ltd., 182-D, Pratap Nagar, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi-91 (O) 2258225 (R) 2484081/4947
Jt. Secretary Sandeep Sharma 88/01 J-8/81, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-27. Hindustan Lever Ltd., Ocean Complex, Sector-18, Noida, U.P. (O) 8557757 (R) 6522426
Jt. Secretary Rajesh Mahto Sales Incharge 88/02 J-8/81, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-27. Hindustan Lever Ltd., Ocean Complex, Sector-18, Noida, U.P. (O) 8557757 (R) 6522426
Member S.R. Ahmed Protocol Officer 72/02 Ministry of Defence, New Delhi (O) 3012537/9658 (R) 5500421
Member Arun Kumar 79/01 (O) 3388911-Extn. 4404 (R) 7452889
Member Sandeep Agarwal 85/01 (O) 3299339 (R) 5582059
Member Dr. T.D. Amdo 89/02 (R) 6134944
Member S.K. Parmanik 89/03 IIFT - New Delhi (R) 6965124/5051
Member K.K. Parmanik 91/01 IIT - New Delhi (R) 6522025
Member Amit Kr. Saraf 94/01 Student Pager No. 9622 166 999
Member Sushil Agarwal 94/02 Student
Member Ritesh Agarwal 94/06 Student (R) 7257963
Member Deep Sharma 96/05 Student (R) 6164630

The story of formation:

1st General Meeting (02/02/97) : This was held at Priya Complex where the name was finalised as GMS Alumni It was also decided that a general meeting was to be held at the first Sunday of every month at a venue to be decided later. Oldest member present was Sandeep Aggarwal (85).

2nd General Meeting (02/03/97) : Senior School Library (St. Columbus) The executive committee was formed and the members present were officially registered. Oldest member present was Mr. Salil Mishra (66) from Jodhpur.

1st Executive Meeting (16/03/97) : Held at the residence of Mr. Riwo Norbhu. Mr. T.S. Sethi's address was to be the official alumni address (B 5/6, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070. Ph.: 6896003, 6134311). Also the proposed memorandum for registration, etc. were discussed.

3rd General Meeting (06/04/97) : Senior School Library (St. Columbas) thelife membership fees was decided at Rs. 15,000. Mr. Manish Kumar Singh (81) offered organisational support (database) from his office The oldest member present, Mr. Vinod Kumar Anand (52) offered to sponsor the newsletter for a year.

4th General Meeting (04/05/97) : Senior School Library (St. Columbas) Deepak Saraf (90) related his recent visit to the school which received a warm response. It was also decided that the outgoing batches from GMS given three years membership in the Alumni for their related payment the school. Tbe collection of these funds was also decided upon.

5th General Meeting (01/06/97) : Senior School Library (St. Columbas) Election schedule and process finalised. Mr. T.S. Sethi of 1973 batch donated three cups to the school for which the Alumni express their gratitude. Annual dinner date was finalised for 13th September 1997 (tentative) Mr. TS. Sethi was vested with this responsibility.